What happened to The Chi?
August 25, 2020

What happened to The Chi?

Let me start this by saying that I really liked The Chi. After the first two seasons, it was one of my favorite shows. Yeah, there were a few unanswered questions and plot holes (What happened to Q?), but at least there was a connected story. Jason's death -> Coogie's death -> Kevin witnessing the murder; all of the major characters were tied together in a central storyline. The supporting characters were interesting enough, but didn't take away from the main plot. It wasn't groundbreaking stuff, but it was entertaining. 

Show creator Lena Waithe says that the first 2 seasons of the show didn't fit her vision, and viewers "had issues" with them. Who? Not sure who these people are, because everything that I've read points to the opposite being true. She has taken control of the series for season 3 and If there were issues before, this is supposed to be better? A season filled with unanswered questions and major personality changes with several characters? Random people just dropped into the show with no explanation or backstory? It's. A. Lot.

I get Jason Mitchell's exit throws everything into disarray. Brandon's death meant the writers had to come up with new material. My theory is what was supposed to be Brandon's storyline was shifted to Emmett. There's no reason to introduce Dom as a potential business partner for him. He doesn't have money to rent an apartment, but he has enough to open his own restaurant? Nah. Also, the fact that Emmett & Tiffany are randomly going to couples counselling leads me to believe that this was also meant for Brandon & Jerrica.

I also think that Ronnie's "I gotta save Keisha" storyline was meant for Emmett originally. Though Ronnie was the last one to see her, this seemed like a forced plot device to make him the hero. Emmett on the other hand, actually had two meaningful conversations with her in the days before she disappeared into a cloud of dust at the bus stop. It makes sense that he would take an interest in finding her since they have an actual relationship, unlike Ronnie. Especially after their convo at the wedding.

Ronnie's story should have ended in the last episode of season 2. Brandon forgiving him when they ran into each other on the street should have been the end of his redemption tour. He didn't need to play hero and find Keisha. 

With that said, here's what really bothered me in season 3:

  • How did Brandon die? If you wanted to get rid of the police storyline, fine. Wrap it up by having Douda take Brandon out after finding out he snitched.

  • What happened to Jerrica? I get that they broke up, but no mention of her at all is odd. Especially with Brandon being dead and all.
  • What happened to Kevin & Keisha's stepmom (the postal worker)?
  • Wasn't Tiffany pregnant at the end of last season?
  • How did Emmett and Tiff end up homeless, when they were living in a $300 apt? Tiff can afford to spend $4000 on her weed supply, Emmett can open a restaurant, they both contribute to the savings account that Jada opened for them, but they're sleeping on her floor. Got it.
  • Speaking of, the filming locations are wildly inconsistent. Sonny's is the only location that hasn't changed. The house where Keisha was being held was different the two times that Ronnie went there.
  • Why are characters who have nothing to do with each other being forced to interact together? Nina didn't have to go to Tracy's group, there can be more than one parent support group in the neighborhood. Papa's dad working with both Douda & Camille. Same with Jemma's dad. It feels like the writers are trying to squeeze characters into spaces where they aren't needed. 
  • What happened to the girls in the trap house? It seemed that Imani wanted to do something to help them, but nope. They weren't mentioned again. 
  • Speaking of Imani, what was the reason to introduce her, other than to have a trans character? Especially when the opportunity to develop something for her was right there. See previous point. All they had her do was cut Reg 2.0's hair and pout.
  • Who would shut down a strip club to listen to Miss Ethel tell stories about the good old days?!?!?!

  • Why have Papa go pick up the cake, just for him to drop it trying to hold Miesha's hand. He shows up at the party without it, and Nina is just gonna let that slide?

  • How did Ronnie hear Keisha scream during the blackout, find the right house days later, go inside the house, hear her scream again, but then leaves?
  • Camille's MAGA branding. Come on, man. Doing Toupé Fiasco parodies in 2020?

  • Why have this mysterious file from Douda's safe, only for it to be another irrelevant plot point?
  • The stripper at Tiff's bachelorette party...
  • Wasn't Trig supposed to take Jake back to Okeefenokee or wherever he came from once he got him, but instead he agrees to run Douda's organization? 
  • Why turn Douda into Herman Cain?
    At this point, the show hasn't been renewed, and I'm okay with it being cancelled. Most of us are just hate-watching now anyway.